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Rapid Prototyping Companies: The first step to bulk production

Rapid prototyping companies are delivering your dreams one step at a time

Once the manufacturer is happy with the design of a product, the next step generally is to create a prototype – the goal of which is to create and deliver a product as close to the desired product as possible. That is exactly where prototyping companies and rapid prototyping companies come into play, wherein an example of the final product is manufactured before it goes for bulk production.

Prototyping companies are better than 2D models

Our company, Sunray Precision Prototype, is a rapid prototyping company that provides precision prototyping services via 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting, sheet metal fabrication, and surface finishing. The prototype can help in the functional verification of the design and engineering of the product. Along with that, prototyping companies allow for a cosmetic or appearance-based review of the product, transferring the 2D visuals into a 3D reality.

Sunray Precision Prototype Rapid Prototyping Company is at your service

Our company employs 68 skilled layout artists who help our clients visualize their ideas and requirements, while our expert sculptors, mechanists, and engineers bring them to life. Sunray Precision Prototype has a wide selection of industrial equipment that is used by prototyping companies like us to help our clients get a clearer and more realistic picture of their demands before investing in a bulk manufacturing project. The precision with which rapid prototyping companies like us develop and manufacture the required products has remained unmatched. Along with the high quality of the products, we are a prototyping company that also pays great attention to detail, making the experience and services worthwhile.

Services that we provide as a prototyping company

A few of the products that we create prototypes of are: earphones and TWS, VR and AR, audio equipment, watches and mobiles, computers, medical devices, and vehicles among others. Our state-of-the-art facilities, combined with our vast array of knowledge and consistent need for innovation and improvement have made us quite a favorite amongst our clients. We are a growing prototyping company located in Shenzhen, and some of our satisfied clients have been Haier, Hisense, Foxconn, etc.


A Professional Manufacturer of Precision Appearance Prototype, Concept Model and Mockup

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