3d printing prototype:

  • Commercial production of products with a high level of structural complexity involved has remained an intriguing matter of interest for the manufacturers for over a long period.
  • 3d printing prototype has eased the life of manufacturers by enabling them to achieve perfection in the production of complex structured products.

What is 3d printing prototype?

3d printing prototype is an extended and modernized form of conventional printing techniques.

3d printing prototype is a process of making three dimensional solid objects by laying down successive layers of materials until the object is created. 3D Printing is increasingly used as synonym for Additive Manufacturing when referring to on-demand production using this technique to produce precise geometric shape parts.

Just like the conventional way, first of all, you make a 3D design of the product you want to get manufactured. After that, you feed that design file into the 3d printer. Finally, you get the same product ready within a minimum period.

3d printing prototype enables manufacturers to embed an artistic approach to their products. Subsequently, the products with distinctive features can be replicated on a mass scale with ease, which was almost impossible to achieve before the advancements in 3D printing.

What makes Sunray Precision Prototype special from others 3d printing prototype company ?

Wide range of equipment manufacturing machinery.

  • Highly skilled and industrious employees.
  • The expertise of working with many of the well-renowned brands from all over the world.
  • Using the advantage of 3d printing prototype techniques and surface finishing process, our in-house expert team can create prototypes, models and parts in precisely the same manner as in real life, offering you a fast and affordable product development lifecycle.

Will introduce you to one of the 3D metal printing services of our company 3D printing prototypes.

How 3D Metal Printing services can prove to be beneficial for you?

Metals are strong, hard, and rigid materials. The products involving a high level of structural complexity are very difficult to be manufactured precisely out of metals by traditional ways. 3D metal printing services are the best solution for this problem, whereas, raw materials like Stainless steel, titanium, platinum, etc. can be used according to the nature of the product to be manufactured.

A trial product is synthesized to be used as a sample for testing before the commercial-scale production of any product. These samples provide a good idea about the actual product that is later to be manufactured. Supposedly, if there happens to be the need for some changes in the product, then that can be achieved by simply updating the design of that product according to that particular aspect of it.

3d printing prototype help investors, designers or project developers to evaluate the viability of the concept, form, fit and function of their innovative ideas. With the ability to produce multiple design iterations with complex geometries in short time and cost affordable, 3d printing prototype is an effective tool for product development as well as a solution for low-volume production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3D metal printing is a bit more expensive than the traditional methods of prototyping. However, this fact is well compensated with its quick turnaround time, ease of manufacturing, and precision of the product.

What are the benefits of 3D printing vs. the traditional ways of manufacturing?

3D printing is a modern technology that can help in the precise synthesis of composite products which cannot be done through the traditional ways of manufacturing.

A wide range of products from fibers to metals can be used for 3D products manufacturing. However, the choice of the material to be used depends upon certain factors, like the nature of the product, where the product is going to be used, etc.

Sunray Precision Prototype is a leading company that offers its 3D metal printing services in the manufacturing hub “Shenzhen” of China. 3D Printing has taken the standards and the precision of crafts in the manufacturing industry to new heights. Usage of 3D metal printing services will enable you to grab your share in this highly modernizing market of manufacturing. Sunray Precision Prototype can be your go-to option for all 3d printing prototype-related services.

The cost of the products synthesized through 3d printing prototype is not fixed; rather, it is highly variable. The price depends upon factors like material used for manufacturing, complexity in design, turnaround time, etc. The price can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per prototype synthesized.

3D Prototype

3D Printing is excellent in producing Proof of Concept prototype as it saves time, money and effort. It is efficient, producing little to no waste, client can change or modify the design simply by reprogramming the system and produce another prototype.

Additive Manufacturing

Allow the creation of lighter, more complex designs that are too difficult or too expensive to build using traditional dies, molds, milling or machining. Besides cost saving, lead times are reduced a lot as well.

Finished products

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