A Guide on Choosing Custom Computer Cases

Custom computer cases

Custom computer cases are more than just boxes to house all components. Modern computer cases offer much more with various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. A computer case houses and protects all components and facilitates proper airflow to keep the system running. Though computer cases don’t determine the type of performance your PC will achieve, they are vital to the overall computer system.

In 2021, custom computer case prices slipped upward due to increased demand and competition. Increased demand for computer parts was recorded during the global pandemic. Since then, PC cases have been higher on average. But, with so many cases out there available in different sizes and designs with numerous features, it’s essential to select the right case. Even though computer cases have exciting components to choose from, there are many things to consider when selecting the best for your needs.


Custom computer cases


Factors to consider when buying custom computer cases


There are four main computer case sizes: mini-ITX, mid-tower, micro-ITX, and full tower. Technically, there is no standard case size when considering the dimensions of a computer case. All cases support more than one computer motherboard form factor. Both mid-tower and full-tower cases can fit standard ATX motherboards. They can also fit the micro-ATX motherboards. Since manufacturers are different, case sizing varies. Mid-towers are around 18 inches high and 8-inched wide. The most common form factor is the mid-tower PCs. These cases have enough space to fit systems with lots of storage, graphics card, and a closed-loop CPU cooler.

The full tower cases are over 20 inches high and are wider and deeper, unlike mid-lower cases. So, they are a perfect addition, especially using an extended-ATX motherboard. Also, they support more fans and drive bays as well.

Mini-ITX cases are the opposite of full tower custom computer cases. They are designed for the mini-ITX motherboards. Mini-ITX sizes vary, sometimes even smaller to fit in home theatre cabinets. They do not work well with CPU coolers, and also, most don’t support full-length graphics cards. Lastly, these cases don’t offer extra hardware space, making them suitable for a fair basic system configuration.


After figuring out the suitable computer case, you need to figure out your budget. As a business person, you must have already identified which custom computer cases are in demand. As you budget and order from your supplier, you must have identified the gap.

Computer cases come in various designs and shapes, meaning their prices vary. However, purchasing in MOQ can be the best option for such high-end devices. Consider computer cases that allow maximum airflow and other additional features for more profits. As a buyer, always check on each case’s construction and design variation before making a purchasing decision. And since there have been lots of technological advancements, opt for a computer case that meets all your hardware needs. Remember, the higher the cost, the higher the tech used.


Custom computer cases


Features to look out for in custom computer cases

Fans and Airflow

The more fans a computer indeed has, the better the airflow will be. The same theory applies to computer cases. Some cases may include a single fan which can be problematic for your device. Cases with additional fan mounts facilitate proper cooling. Besides that, focus on what is in front of the fans. Stoic metal and tempered glass designs hinder airflow if not designed properly. There is another design that most companies employ; the use of protective mesh to protect the fan and lower the system temperature.

Dust filters

Keeping electronic devices clean is essential, especially for a computer. If a computer is clogged with dust, it will run hot more frequently. However, dust filters prevent the debris from reaching the fans and hardware. Custom computer cases have dust fitters to help keep away dust from all your computer hardware. So, before using the case, it’s vital to configure the fans for positive air pressure.

Cable management

A custom computer case with cut-outs in the motherboard tray allows routing cables through the rear of the case. But, cable management in computer cases varies. Some cases have giant holes in the motherboard tray, while others have tie-off points or wire covers at the back of the motherboard for proper cable management.

Tool-less design

Decades back, everything in a computer needed a screwdriver. But, with technological advancement in all industries, many companies are adopting toolless design. Recently, they are common in high-end and mid-range custom computer cases that need thumbscrews for a twist-on or fastening and other tool-free designs in drive bays.

Cooler cut-away

Some computer cases have cut-outs just behind the processor, allowing easy replacement of the CPU cooler or CPU without affecting the motherboard. Though this is not a must-have feature, it’s perfect to consider.

Soundproof cases

Soundproof cases use sound dampening materials in the panels to keep the device running quietly. Those materials keep the noise in and also impede airflow. Therefore, if considering such cases, beware it hits higher temperatures than the standard cases. There are also soundproof cases that manage to stay silent while optimizing airflow by using large fans spinning at lower speeds.

Front Panel connectivity

Front panel connectivity is vital, especially if you use any external devices. No matter the type of computer case, there are always a couple of USB ports in the front panel; USB-A Type 3 and USB-C. Even audio jacks may also be included in the front panel.

Other essential features include drive bays, SSD mouthing points, water cooling support, tempered glass panels, vertical GPU mount, and integrated lighting.


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