The advent of rapid prototype services has taken the development process to new levels of innovation. Sunray assists you in translating your product into a physical model without entangling you in long and intricate procedures.

Our top-notch professional services range from the development of a precision prototype to low volume production. The rapid prototype services ensure that your imagined vision of the product assumes its perfects form when it is practically implemented. It also aligns itself with your provided time and budget constraints. Hence, it is a one-stop solution provider be it for a proof of concept or a comprehensive prototype.

Sunray has the latest manufacturing equipment to cater to the needs of rapid prototype services to support your project in wide array of services and solutions as:


• Precision prototype

• 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing

• Vacuum Casting

• CNC Machining

• Sheet Metal Fabrication

• Low Volume Production

• Surface finishing services

Backed by continuous research and up-gradation, we focus on making the rapid prototype services up to the mark. The in-house team helps you in every step. Thus, saving you from getting into the details of complicated manufacturing processes and techniques.

In line with the latest trends in rapid prototyping services, the company has dedicated itself to achieving higher levels of excellence through its in-house team of skilled model makers, sculptors, mechanists, and engineers. Also, the presence of a manufacturing partner network serves as the cherry on top. Hence, the rapid prototype services assist you with your project in a wide array of services and solutions.

Sunray’s proficiency in prototyping is acknowledged by various well-known clients, such as Haier, Wintoch, MOnster, 1More, and the like. With increasing accreditation over time in prototyping services, we are recognized as a reliable name in the market.

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