3D printing automotive parts by Sunray

sunray is a renowned name in the automotive precion machining industny. As the appication of rapid prototyping in automoive industryis increasing withtime, Sunray is developing its service to provide the best quality.

Our services include Precision Prototype, 3D Printing, CNc Machining,Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Surface Finishing, andautomotive precision machining. The main goal of the company is toimprove the rapidly increasing machining industry with excellent quality.

All of our machining services, including automotive precision machining, aretop tier. Our precision machining has extreme accuracy even with thesmallest dimensions. Because the ability to produce parts with perfectaccuracy is crucial in the machining industry, Our factory, use all kinds ofadvanced equipment to provide the best quality.

The machines we use in our factory are rigid and stable to prevent unwanted actions like vibrations and other negative impacts. It helps us optimize the process and reduce waste. This includes toolpath optimization, cycle time reduction, and energy efficiency. By keeping the amount of waste as low as possible, our service is thus cost-effective. We always try to keep the application of rapid prototyping in automotive industry as simple and efficient as possible.

Our skilled workforce has years of experience in automotive precision machining field and they deeply understand the resistance and nature of different materials used in the industry. They are proficient in working with various materials including metals, composites, plastics, and other types of materials. Our workers is skilled in tooling knowledge, they know how to use each tool perfectly and it this helps us provide excellent services to our clients. This is one of the main reasons why all our 3D printing auto parts are flawless and are among the top-quality products.

In addition, we have strict quality control standards for all of our products including 3d printing auto parts. If any of the products fail the quality, we will not ship them out. Our workers work hard to ensure all products are checked and meet the highest quality available before shipment. Our products meet the global standards of CNC machining quality, with a defect rate of less than 0.3 %.

We have worked with many renowned companies such as Wintop, Monster, 1More, Ubtech, Tymphany, and many more throughout our company’s history.

To learn more about our automotive 3D printing parts, or to place an order please contact us at 
 +86-13823307711 or mail us at

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