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CNC Machining China:

     Prototypes, quick turn parts built to precise design specifications on solid metal and plastic
  • Sunray Precision Prototype prides itself on providing the best CNC Machining China. CNC (Computer Numerical Controls) Machining is the use of preprogrammed software in the production of equipment.
  • Where the most accurate and perfect CNC Machining China designs in metal or plastics are needed, Sunray Precision Prototype Company will always be your number one choice. We also offer the best customizable CNC machining processes to best serve your unique needs.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in providing CNC machining China services. You can choose us today if you’re looking for high-quality and precise metal and plastic processing that gives you a minimum tolerance level.
  • Sunray Precision Prototype is a one-stop factory where you can get a lot of CNC machining products. We specialize in CNC Machining, Vacuum casting, 3D printing, Low volume production, Sheet metal fabrications, Precision prototype and surface finishing services.
  • Industries where you can find CNC Machining China Products.
  • Our CNC machining China products are used in a variety of industries. These industries are, but not limited to, mobile and watch, audio, computer, robotics, Earphones, vehicles, home appliances, medical devices and equipment and VR&AR.
  • Our trusted products and services are in great demand in many industries. We have also worked with some of the recognized partners like Foxconn, Ubtech, 1More, Monster, Wintop, Goertek, Hisense, Senlv, Haier, Eastech, Tymphany among others.

Why Choose Us ?

• Professionalism

Our team of CNC machining experts are qualified and well trained to offer you high and consumer-oriented products and services.

• Quality

Here at Sunray Precision Prototype, we give high priority to produce quality CNC Machining products that meet your needs. Our business philosophy is to attain zero-defects products and zero-tolerance towards non-qualified materials.

• Customizable China CNC Machining Services.

We offer customizable China CNC machining services to our customers. You don’t have to stick to what is in the market. Come with your specifications and we deliver what you want.

• Reliability

We offer very reliable CNC Machining in China due to our high-quality and customized CNC machining parts that are made to serve a wide variety of needs and expectations.

China CNC Machining services

Our company offers China CNC Machining services that are high-quality and easily customizable.

We ensure customer’s data and confidentiality is protected when dealing with Sunray Precision Prototype. Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required when both sides enter into discussions that involves confidential details and business secrecy. Our state-of-the-art technology in CNC machining parts, 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Vacuum Casting, Low Volume Production, and Modern CNC Precision Machining is unparalleled in the provision of cost-effective products and services that are customized to meet current market needs.

We also guarantee high-quality controls for our China CNC Machining services. With a 100% inspection before shipment and a low defect rate of less than 0.03%, you can trust our services to be the best.


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