Custom CNC parts

Custom CNC parts

Custom CNC parts are created using a computer numerical control machine. The first step in using CNC machines is using computer-assisted design software to create a two-dimensional or three-dimensional component model. The model is then fed into the machine’s software to be programmed. Once the model is loaded into the machine’s software, it can produce a more accurate and complete version of the part.

Unlike other PCs, which are typically used to control machines, a CNC machine uses its programming language, allowing users to modify its settings. The primary programming language used to manage the CNC machine is G-code. It can provide various levels of precision, such as feed rate, location, and speed.

One programmer can easily control multiple machines simultaneously, eliminating the need for various operators and allowing the device to do its work efficiently. Primary machines have two axes that can independently work along the Y- and X-axis. Advanced machines have five axes that can perform the same job simultaneously. A router or a spindle is used to turn a cutting implement, typically a drill bit. The programming language used in CNC machines can introduce various features and functionalities that allow customization.


Are our custom CNC parts better than conventional?

Custom CNC parts are automated, while conventional ones are manual. They can produce faster and more accurate cuts.

With CNC machines, a skilled employee uses software to program the part. A professional operator must manually set the gears and the machine in the manual world.

Conventional machines are commonly used for low-quantity projects. However, custom CNC parts are best suited for high-quantity projects. Imagine a component with multiple convex and concave arcs, imperial and metric threads, and two tapers of varying degrees. The part would require three tools to be cut using an automated CNC machine.


custom CNC parts


Advantages of custom CNC parts

  • Using custom CNC parts, one is producing distinct components. CNC machines are also equipped with unique features to produce parts that are virtually impossible to imagine.
  • Producing large batches and providing flexible scalability is another advantage of using a custom CNC parts
  • With the help of advanced design software, we produce custom CNC parts unrecognizable from standard manual machines. A CNC machine can create shapes and sizes that an engineer can’t get with traditional devices.
  • Less Labor: With a CNC machine, fewer people are required to work on the production tasks, hence helping in reducing the overall cost of doing business.
  • The outputs of custom CNC parts are uniform as they match the exact specifications of the prototype.
  • The lower costs associated with CNC machines are often used to improve a company’s bottom line. This process can also be a re-investment to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Design retention: After a prototype has been created, the user can easily modify it and rerun it on a different machine. The master file maintained by a CNC machine ensures that the device will always produce a spot-on match regardless of the changes in the design.

At Sunray Precision Prototype Co., Ltd, you are guaranteed unique quality and value all combined in the service and product we customize for you.



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