Sunray Precision Prototype Sheet Metal Fabrication

Highly durable parts for prototypes and end-use production

Sheet Metal Fabrication is a manufacturing process which a piece of sheet metal is formed to desired part through materials removal and/or materials deformation. Sheet metal can be cut, bended, punched and stretched into any shape. Material removal process creates holes and cutouts in various geometric shape while deformation process bend the sheet numerous times into angles or stretch the sheet to create complete contour. Sheet metals can be formed into small parts like washers or brackets, or medium enclosures for home appliance like computer chassis, till large chassis for automotive.

Sunray Prototype can offer cost-effective and custom sheet metal fabrication solution using a full range of tools and techniques as cutting, bending, forming, and welding. We work closely with customers to create precise prototypes and we provide quick turn, small quantity or short production runs to meet clients’ manufacturing demands and deadlines too.

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