Precision Prototype Development

Prototyping is the next stage after a solid design concept is developed and it is an affordable way to test if your concepts are fit for purpose and function. Before committing to a final product, we need to make sure if it meets or exceeds customer’s expectation on terms of function, precision, durability and safety.

Sunray provides a full range of prototyping service for design and manufacturing industries. We are able to combine cutting-edge 3D printing technology, CNC machining, model sculpting and a full range of post-processing and surface finishing service to bring your ideas to perfection.

As a service firm for precision prototyping in various industries as robotics, automotive, medical, electronics and other fields, we will help you to evaluate your project’s needs and determine the right machining and technology to best suit your timeframe and budget, which can deliver the best result and cost competitiveness.

CNC Machining

A subtractive manufacturing solution produces wide range of precision metal and plastic end-users parts and prototypes

Vacuum Casting

Produce high quality end-users parts withoutbuilding expensive hard tooling

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing produces plastic andplastic-like parts, products with complexgeometries and surface detail.

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