Sheet metal stamping in metalworking

stamping sheet metal


The process of stamping sheet metal involves the use varies and depends on the desired shape to be achieved. It is usually performed through various metal forming techniques such as punching, bending, and piercing.  In our company, we create complex stamping sheet metal for multiple industries such as agriculture,  automobiles, commercial construction, electrical and household appliances, medical equipment, and many more. More than one technique is used in the entire stamping project the end result is a specific design for each process depending on the technique used.

The basic sheet metal stamping process involves using a press to turn blank metal sheets into valuable components; a die is then used to create the desired shape. A stamping die is a tool used to shape and cut stamping sheet metal parts which are developed using computer-assisted design software and analytical programs. The importance of this step is to ensure that the design is as precise as possible.

We offer products that are made from quality-oriented raw materials and processed according to the latest industrial standards as described above. Our stamping sheet metal is also custom-produced to fit the stipulations of the customer not to mention that our prices are cost-effective.  


stamping sheet metal


Standard methods used in stamping sheet metal production

Progressive die stamping involves converting a metal strip into various components. Each part is connected to a rock strip-cut free during the final step.

A hole is made on a die to create stamping sheet metal using a punch press which forms the metal into the desired shape.  The process is efficient in creating uniformly shaped modules.

Instead of multiple passes, compound die stamping uses a series of individual cuts and bends to create flat parts. It eliminates the need for numerous passes and allows for faster production.

In transfer die stamping, different parts are taken through the process as individual units. Unlike progressive die stamping, they are disconnected from the metal strip during the first step.


stamping sheet metal


Why do we use Stamping sheet metal?

At Sunray Precision Prototype Co., Ltd, we are uniquely different in that we provide precise stamping sheet metal solutions that are complex and precise. The proficiency of our metal stamping facility allows us to work swiftly on projects that require fast production.

One of the most critical factors that we consider when it comes to making stamped components is consistency. We carry out automated inspections on every run to ensure that our work is as consistent as possible.


Another main advantage of using stamping sheet metal is that it’s cheaper than other processes. It also has a high level of automation and can provide better results than those used in other processes. It’s also easier to use due to its numerous features and programs.

Aside from being cheaper, metal stamping machines are equipped with high-end computer programs that provide better control and quicker production times.

Stamping sheet metal helps create high-quality components that are durable and cost-effective. 

Our wide range of stamping sheet metal parts makes us a leading organization in the industry. Our clients widely demand our products due to their quality.


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