The review of plastic parts manufacturing

Sunray Precision Prototype Company is a renowned manufacturer of high-fidelity prototypes and on-demand manufacturing such as plastic parts manufacturing, metal parts manufacturing, and other prototyping services.

With the advancement of technology and the skyrocketing demand for perfect product designs that are both high quality and cost-effective, reliable plastic parts manufacturing and precision prototyping are becoming increasingly essential. With this in mind, Sunray Precision Prototype continues to improve and bring the best plastic parts manufacturing solutions to the market.


plastic parts manufacturing

What to consider before choosing the plastic parts manufacturing process?

• Product characteristics: Consider the complexity of your product’s design and the tight tolerances that you need to achieve.

• Lead time is the time you need your product to be ready. Some manufacturing processes can deliver your product in less time, while others take longer.

• Volume/Cost: It is important to determine the volume of products for your business. A high-volume manufacturing process may cost more to set up, but cost less to run on a per-part basis. Similarly, a low-volume manufacturing process may be cheap to set up but expensive on a unit-cost basis.

• Materials: The application of the part is an important factor to consider when selecting viable materials, as are the environmental conditions it must be able to withstand. Identifying the most beneficial properties of the parts can help to narrow down the selection. 


What are plastic parts manufacturing processes?

Plastics are a popular component in the manufacture of most consumer and industrial end products. Plastics can be quickly prototyped and have numerous industrial applications. Using the latest technology and customer focus approach, Sunray Precision Prototype has developed high-quality prototyping and manufacturing solutions and brings to the market a range of plastic parts manufacturing processes.

• 3D printing: an additive manufacturing process that creates a 3D solid object from a digital design file. Plastic 3D Printing can be used to create concept models, giving product developers a physical snapshot of their designs; it can also be used to create fully-functional plastic prototypes with moving parts; meanwhile, its high accuracy and consistency characteristics make it a viable way to build larger quantities of custom plastic parts.   

• Vacuum casting: also referred to as Urethane casting or Polyurethane casting. The process uses silicone mold to make plastic and rubber components under a vacuum. Vacuum casting is one of the most cost-effective ways to produce low-volume, high-quality, bubble-free plastic parts that can be similar to injection molded parts.

• CNC machining: is a widely used subtractive manufacturing process that uses automated, high-speed cutting machines to remove materials (plastic or metal) from a block to form the final machined parts. CNC machining can be used to quickly produce parts of almost any shape and from any material with remarkable accuracy and precision. It is low to moderate setup costs make it well-suited to low volume production of plastic parts

• Injection molding: This is the most widely used manufacturing process for the mass production of identical plastic parts with good tolerances. Injection molding is so popular because of its low cost per part for high-volume production, but it is limited for low to medium-volume production as it requires high setup cost and slow turnaround time from design to production. 


Why choose Sunray Precision Prototype for your plastic processing?

• Quality: Our team of skilled and experienced engineers can provide you with the highest quality plastic parts and products.

• Cost-effective: We partner with many professionals to bring a one-stop solution for your plastic parts and products, making it cost-effective.

• Accuracy: Using advanced 3D technology and reliable manufacturing techniques, we guarantee the accuracy and tight tolerances of your plastic parts and products.

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