Trustworthy vacuum casting service provider: Sunray Precision Prototype

Sunray Precision Prototype is a well known name in the vacuum casting service industry. Since its establishment, we have been providing our service in many countries all around the globe. Our goal is to make the rapid prototype service up to the mark.

What is Vacuum casting?

Vacuum casting is a well known casting technology to produce high quality prototypes, small-batch functional parts, etc. It is mainly used in the field of rapid prototyping and low volume production. This process requires the main products to make prototypes. It is a cost effective process and it does not require mass production to save the cost.

Why choose Sunray Precision Prototype as your vacuum casting service provider?

• Highly accurate dimensional design

All of our vacuum casting products are accurate and have a very accurate design. The surface finishing is clean and they have a polished appearance. Another good thing about our vacuum casting service is we provide high quality dimension precision. The casted parts maintain the correct dimension and tolerance according to the original pattern. Minimal deviation ensures that the parts can fit and function properly.

• Highest quality prototyping material

We use high quality material in making our prototypes, which is essential for achieving the best results. The molds used in the process are highly durable to withstand the casting temperature. It is important for consistent and accurate results. The high requirements for quality have also won us the unanimous approval of customers。

• Industry-leading casting level and technology

Sunray Precision Prototype uses high quality machines that can maintain the appropriate levels of hardness, strength and work according to other important factors of the vacuum casting. They are also compatible with a wide range of materials so they do not cause any reaction while casting. With these machines complex geomatics, structure and other functions are possible. We produce prototypes and parts with a very low upfront investment.

• Strict quality inspection

Our quality control team is very hardworking. They find out the faults in our produced prototypes and only ship the best quality items. The defect rate is low to 0.3%. We also use good vacuum casting machines that can minimize the presence of air pockets, voids and any other defects within the casted material. Sunray Precision Prototype believes in providing high quality vacuum casting services all over the world.


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Sunray Precision Prototype provides different services including, precision prototype, Vacuum casting, CNC machining, Sheet metal fabrication, low volume production, surface finishing service, 3d printing or additive manufacturing, and many more. It is a one-stop solution where we do everything from manufacturing to shipping. To learn more about our vacuum casts please contact us at +86-13823307711 or mail us at

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