Why Choose Us?

One-stop solution

Sunray Precision Prototype is a one-stop solution provider that specializes on product-like precision prototype and on-demand manufacturing, whether you need a POC (proof of concept) or a comprehensive prototype or manufacturing solution, we have services that fit your timeframe and budget.


Our engineering team can produce various types of prototypes that support your product development project and manufacturing demand thanks to our knowledge of a wide array of materials and deep understanding of complicated manufacturing process and techniques.


IP Protection

To ensure clients’ confidentiality and intellectual property rights are strictly respected, signing a Non-disclosure Agreement is a standard protocol before clients disclose their design and concept to our development team.

Team-work support

We believe good collaboration comes from effective communication and mutual understanding, our engineers are available round the clock to discuss design challenge and offer support, to highlight potential issues and provide immediate solutions. We are excited to start a dialogue with you to learn about your concept and make it into reality.

Quality Control System

High Direct

One-time Qualification Rate:

100% Inspection

100% Inspection before shipment

Low Defect Rate

Customer Average Failure:0.3%

Sunray Prototype is one of the renowned stamping suppliers

We are a full service rapid prototype service provider. Our service includes Precision Prototype, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Surface Finishing. We are undoubtedly considered one of the most trustworthy stamping suppliers.

We all of these services are highly valued by our customers. Are committed to improving the prototype service industry.Therefore, the company is contanstly researching and improving related services to serve customers better across all industries, making Sunray Prototype one of the most reliable stamping suppliers.

Sunray Prototypes offer a wide range of high-quality materials and a highly efficient, cost-saving production plan to ensure that the product lasts long to provide the best service to customers. Our employees have years of experience in building custom metal stamping, and we ensure that precision and accuracy are our top priorities while producing metal stamps. Our dedication to the industry and our pursuit of providing the best quality services to our customers have set us apart from other stamping suppliers. proficient in working with various materials including metals, composites, plastics, and other types of materials. Our workers is skilled in tooling knowledge, they know how to use each tool perfectly and it this helps us provide excellent services to our clients. This is one of the main reasons why all our 3D printing auto parts are flawless and are among the top-quality products.

We provide unmatched quality in our custom metal stamping services;In our factory, we follow strict production processes that help us maintain top quality. Equipped with advanced in house machines that offer high-quality success rate, it reduces time, helps improve production speed and provides more parts in less time.


In addition to standard stamping parts, we also offer a range of custom metal stamping services to provide our customers with precision parts, components and assemblies that match their application requirements. At Sunray Prototype, we serve customers across all industries, delivers custom metal stampings and prototyping for custom parts of various sizes and shapes. We are committed and dedicated to provide top quality services to your metal stampings projects.

Sunray Prototype is your procurement for reliable precision metal stampings. Request a quote on your custom metal stamping service, please contact us at +86-13823307711 or email us at shishu@sunrayprototype.com.

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