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prototypes model, precision prototype prototypes model, precision prototype

Prototypes, models, mockups made by a combination of advanced technology and craftmanship

prototypes model, precision prototype

Appearance Prototype

  • It is a comprehensive, high-fidelity appearance prototypes or models which can reflect what the actual production item is going to look like, it is the exact same size, shape and color or pattern as your final product. It just doesn’t perform what your product is supposed to do.
prototypes model, precision prototype

Structural Prototype

  • A comprehensive, high-fidelity prototypes or models used to test the form, fit of the final product.
  • Client can refine the structure of a product design to perfection before moving to mass production.
prototypes model, precision prototype

Pre-production Prototype

  • A full-scale, high-fidelity prototypes or models that are virtually identical in appearance and functionality to the final product.
  • We can provide viable solution in engineering development through our partner network to client, from ID – ME – EE – FW that is optimized for cost, function and feasible in manufacturing.
prototypes model, precision prototype

Custom made display for exhibition or event

  • Low volume production of customized precision prototypes for specific occasions or purposes
Method and Process of Making Prototypes

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